Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat. This web-site presents the mission and approach of the Society’s social justice and ecology commitment, the spirituality which inspires and motivates it, the issues which Jesuits and colleagues work on in different parts of the world, the networks and sources of information available.


Ecojesuit is an online publication that offers contemporary, original, and exclusively written commentaries, reflections and insights, analysis, and exchange of ideas and practices on various ecological and social concerns such as those that relate to water and watershed management, mineral development, food security, impact and adaptations to climate change, disaster risk resilience, renewable and alternative energy, Indigenous Peoples and cultural integrity, sustainable development, among others.

Jesuit European Social Centre.  JESC is to reflect on the life, policies and practice of the European Union. We seek engagement which authentically expresses Christian faith, remains close to the poor and marginalised, analyses the social reality with competence, and advocates for justice in European political structures.

Jesuit Social Services is an institution of the Australian Jesuit province that works to build a fair society where everyone can live to their fullest potential— by joining forces with the  community to support those most in need and working to change policies, practices, ideas and values that perpetuate inequality, prejudice and exclusion.

Jesuit Networking is an international initiative to support the emergence of collaborative bottom-up innovation for the universal Mission within the Jesuit apostolic body. We focus on the promotion and fostering of international connections and projects among individuals and institutions.

International Association of Jesuit Universities promotes networks of collaboration between and among institution of higher education, between and among lay and Jesuit faculty and administrators in the areas of training, leadership development, and research and advocacy on issues of concern to the Society and to its members.