Reducing waste: ‘Throwaway culture’ in spotlight as Earth Day targets plastics

It took nearly nine months, but at long last for Betsy Zolper the thousands of plastic foam cups that once filled the pantries at St. Mark Catholic Church, in Vienna, Virginia, are no longer there. In their place sit stacks of compostable and biodegradable paper cups, a first step by the parish’s nascent creation care team toward reducing waste while at the same time increasing consciousness of how much they throw out.

Eliminating the plastic foam cups — an extremely cheap, but environmentally hazardous beverage option — became the first focus for the Care for Our Common Home ministry, which formed in January 2017.

Reorganización​ y ​reformulación​ de​l Proyecto Apostólico Común ​ (PAC​ ​2010 -2020)

Compartimos con ustedes​ un video de 14 minutos en el cual el P. Roberto Jaramillo S.J. – Presidente de la Conferencia de Provinciales Jesuitas de América Latina y el Caribe (CPAL)​ explica la reorganización​ / ​reformulación​ de​l Proyecto Apostólico Común ​ (PAC​ ​2010 -2020)​.


In the National Forum: Transgenics a risk for agriculture in Nicaragua carried out at the UCA, some 250 producers in Nicaragua alerted the population about the risks of transgenic crops and how, through agroecological practices with creole seeds, it is assured not only food and nutrition security, but rather to reduce the adverse effects of climate change.

LST’s Sacred Springs Dialogue Institute of Spirituality and Sustainability

SACRED SPRINGS Dialogue Institute of Spirituality and Sustainability is an institute within the Loyola School of Theology that assists the school in fulfilling its mission of theological reflection and formation, geared towards bringing justice to the poor and healing to sacred earth. SACRED SPRINGS is so named because it draws from the collective wisdom of diverse communities, based on a common concern for safeguarding and sustaining the precious resources of the earth.

Young Adults in a Climate Changing World

The young adults of today will mature in a world different to that of their parents’. In the decades ahead, climate change and widespread environmental degradation present the biggest threats to human health, progress and wellbeing, regional peace and security, sustainable livelihoods, and to the overall health and diversity of our planetary ecosystems.

Jesuits Denounce Violence in Nicaragua, Defend the Right to Peaceful Protest

In response to ongoing protests in Nicaragua and the senseless killing of a Jesuit high school student there, the Jesuits of Central America, the Conference of Provincials of Latin America and the Jesuits of Canada and the U.S. released statements calling for an end to violence in the country after several days of protests to proposed social security legislation.