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XU-CRS Collaboration Project (FARM Project)

kkpsio logoXavier University and the Catholic Relief Services, an international funding NGO, inked a deal to collaborate in a unique academic-driven project set up to address, broadly, an agrarian issue on agro-enterprise development and farmer empowerment. Simply called the XU-CRS Collaboration Project, its specific objectives are to promote participatory technology and value chain development research to help increase farmers’ competitiveness in the market chains; and to engage in capacity building through farmers’ and facilitators’ trainings.

XU College of Agriculture

seal_agricultureThe Xavier University – College of Agriculture as a Filipino, Catholic, and Jesuit institution endeavors to pursue the development and integration of small farmer communities with a society where social justice and people empowerment prevail.

Through an integrated and self-reliant program of instruction, research. and extension, we commit ourselves to a wholistic formation of students and rural leaders who will promote sustainable agriculture and a more equitable access to resources.

Edward B. Brueggeman Center

Xavier_university_Logo_EWTN_US_Catholic_News_10_31_12The Edward B. Brueggeman Center for Dialogue at Xavier University is dedicated to providing space and opportunity for dialogue about the critical issues of our age. It is founded upon the belief that the paths that lead to solutions to our most serious problems will emerge out of dialogue. The work of the center includes conferences, research and publications, and interfaith and inter-religious activities as well as exploring new forms of collaborative engagement on issues of religious, social and cultural diversity, social and economic justice, ecological sustainability, and local and global responsibility.