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rain garden library 224 pixelsOur organically maintained landscape is also a backyard wildlife sanctuary. Green roofs and rain gardens manage rain water naturally.


Cherry St. Market salad barCampus restaurants serve food from local farmers, vegan options, wild caught Washington salmon and Fair Trade coffee.


gpa_suscEnergy Conservation

There is no cheaper, cleaner power than energy you don’t have to produce. That’s why energy conservation is our primary strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We use 30% less energy than universities of the same size in our climate.


03072014- Seattle University's Composting YardOur onsite facility annually turns 178,000 pounds of food waste into compost.  The compost is spread in planting beds toimprove soil quality. The facility has won several awards for being located in a large city, adjacent to an apartment building and restaurants, and operating without odor issues.