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Reduceyourwasteline_200_238_126_150What is Recyclemania? Why is it important for Xavier University to be part of it? Recyclemania is a competition that serves as a benchmarking tool for university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities for their campuses. Over a 10-week period, participating institutions report their waste and recycling data, which are then compiled and ranked. The goal is to foster friendly competition and increase recycling participation by students and staff.

Be a Locavore

melcherpic3Sarah Melcher
Department of Theology

My decision to become a ?locavore? ?one who commits to eating food grown or produced locally?dates back to April 19, 2005. That evening, Vandana Shiva was a speaker for the Ethics/Religion and Society lecture series. After her excellent lecture on the environment from a global perspective, I had the opportunity to talk with Vandana as we walked back to the Brueggeman Center. I asked what I might do to help with environmental issues. She said, ?Buy locally; eat locally. Raise as much of your own food as you can in your circumstances.?

Clean and Green

dept-header-graphicIf you?ve ever been concerned that the chemicals in your household cleaners might not be good for you or the environment, your concern is justified. I was programmed to think that if my house smelled like bleach or certain other well-known cleaning products, it was clean. It may have been clean, but the fumes were toxic to my body and the environment. There are various ways that many of today?s household cleaners cause harm, but in the name of a clean house I was turning a blind eye. That is, until 10 months ago.

Community Gardens

garden-01Buy local. Compost. Victory gardens. Organic. In the past year or so, these terms have “taken root” in our societal consciousness. Literacy of these concepts and implementation of these practices is “sprouting” all around us especially as Spring comes to life. This is a thrill for someone such as myself who has been “cultivating” these practices in small ways through experimentation and engagement over the past several years.