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Ciencias Ambientales y Desarrollo Sustentable “Environmental Science and Sustainable Development”

Fondo-de-pantalla-Naturaleza-104Environmental Science and Sustainable Development Project creators leaders how to promote the solution of environmental problems to achieve social welfare, by inducing human knowledge in management, public policy in environmental issues, renewable technologies, waste management and impact assessment environmental, among others.

In Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development you prepare to analyze and measure the impact of man on nature and natural deterioration. They examine and propose programs and projects that ensure environmental balance, protection and preservation of species. Acquire knowledge and develop new renewable technologies such as teamwork skills and strategic vision to undertake their own environmental projects.

Muskie Move Out

donation_350_263Muskie Move Out is an event that occurs at the end of spring semester as students are moving out of their dorms. Rather than throwing away items that are functional but unwanted, gently used items can be donated to The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a charity dedicated to helping families in need throughout Cincinnati and Hamilton County, and Habitat for Humanity.


WasteDiversionChartThere are hundreds of recycling locations on Xavier’s campus. Whether you’re in the buildings or walking outside, there is always a recycling can close by. Our goal is to match every trash can with a recycling can and we are well on our way to achieving this with over fifty recycling cans outdoors alone. Paper, bottle and can recycling bins are located in the hallways of every building, residence and academic.


DSC02529Equipment for the Earth Tub Project was donated by Hamilton County and Christ Hospital. The concrete pad, plastic piping, and electrical connection for the Earth Tubs was built by Physical Plant Project Managers with funding from the Sustainability Fund.  The pail storage unit was donated by the Provost.   Forty Kitchenette Compost Pails, and other food scrap collection equipment for catering staff and conference center volunteers, have been purchased with funding from a 2014 Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste Division District Grant.