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Green & Gold Goes Green: Top 10 Ways University of San Francisco Stays Sustainable

usf_10ways_to_sustainabilitycampusJulia Morreale, ISN’s environmental justice/sustainability intern, takes a look at the top 10 ways her school (University of San Francisco) stays sustainable. How does YOUR institution embrace sustainability?

Green IT

greenit1In support of the social responsibility aspect of the University’s mission, ITS is committed to implementing environmentally smart solutions to establish a sustainable technology infrastructure.

USF Plants Seeds for a Sustainable Campus

greenside_solarUniversity of San Francisco alums aren’t the only ones striving to reduce humanity’s ecological impact and take advantage of more efficient “green” technologies. In the last year, USF has invested in a fifth array of solar panels, moved to shrink sales of plastic water bottles, and established an administrative-level Green Team to develop strategies for a more sustainable campus.

Green Means Go: Creating a Sustainable World

green_lauraLAURA WAINER, MSEM ’06, is boot high in the San Francisco Bay mud again. The musky smell of peat permeates her hair, skin, and nostrils as she leads volunteers planting pickleweed.

USF Unplugged

unplugged-bullseye-002USFUNPLUGGED is an outreach arm of the Department of Environmental Safety, brought to you by the student Sustainability Liaison’s of USF. Here to assist and encourage, we want you to get involved with the GREEN movement taking place on campus, and help educate the community on how we can transform USF into a sustainable-minded and ecofriendly university.

Environmental Stewardship at USF

Compost_Interns_RyanVivekStewardship of the environment means taking care of and conserving what we have and reducing the size of our footprint upon this planet. These are principles basic to the concept of sustainability. We strive to create a community that does not litter and reduces the amount of waste we generate. A community where people reuse materials as often as possible, recycle whenever, and consider the trash can as a last resort.