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Botanical garden Gaspar Xuárez sj

The mission of this botanical garden is to establish itself as a national center for conservation, will research, education and sustainable use of biodiversity in the central region of Argentina. An educational program is developed with primary and secondary schools in the region through guided tours and workshops to the community. The goal is to raise awareness of the value of natural resources and public understanding of the issue of biodiversity, its importance and its loss.

Desplazados de América Latina “Displaced in Latin America”

foto-haiti-nota-desplazados-ambientales-grandeThe logic of appropriation of natural resources, have generated unprecedented environmental crisis in which it does not consider the environment as a system vital for human survival, but as a commodity that can be owned and operated. Direct consequence, are forced by environmental issues are, at present, a migratory phenomenon that generates great concern worldwide, and is becoming increasingly visible in our region displaced.