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Tree Planting to Save Water

blocks_image_3_1SOJASI is situated in Chimney busty near M-4, M-5 sections of forest range. There are twelve small villages around Chimney. These small villages have their water sources in M-4 & M-5 forest range. There is an acute water problem in these areas as soon as the monsoon is over. When we went to inspect the water catchment area, M-4 section, we found to our horror there were no trees there to hold water. It should be cool and moist in the ground. But to our disappointment the sunlight got through, the ground was dry and the bright sunlight hit our heads strongly.

Roslindale Green & Clean spruces up neighborhood

AR-305079555.jpg&MaxW=650Roslindale Green & Clean volunteers and The Green Dragons transformed a public space in Roslindale Village in a day of community gardening. Participants removed half dead trees, rangy roses, and weedy grass and replaced them with drought tolerant and attractive trees and low growing shrubs. Mulch was installed to hold soil in place, control weeds and help retain moisture.