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How to Raise Happy, Healthy Kids Who Know and Love Their Mother Earth

post_motherEarthChildren who learn to know and love Nature as children grow up to be adults who respect and care for the Earth.

Greening the heart of childhood can turn that around. It means encouraging (indeed, inviting) young people to spend more time outdoors, in the arms of their other mother, Mother Nature. It means three-dimensionalizing the life of children. It means creating opportunities for kids to (re)kindle their innate bond with the natural world.

Organic farming method produces record yields

post_organicFarmingAn organic planting system developed by a Jesuit Priest is lauded as one of the most important developments for small scale farmers in 50 years.

Sumant Kumar, a farmer in the village of Darveshpura in northeast India’s state of Bihar, usually harvested four to five metric tons of rice per hectare, which is about the paddy yield average, worldwide. However, in 2011, with techniques that use organic fertilizer and no herbicides or GMOs, and which require less water and seeds, he astonishingly grew 22.4 metric tons, a world record, on just one hectare.