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School Community in the rain shadow Ramganj Mandi, Rajasthan towards Organic Farming

Kota_Sr-Celine-FSMA-oversees-the-harvested-field-300x225Early this year when the Principal Sr. Ishpriya came back from the Tarumitra Bio-reserve in Patna, she brought along an intense desire to convert the two acre plot of the convent land into Organic agriculture. She saw the way students in Bihar led by Ms Margaret Molomoo were completing a successful change over into Organic Farming at Tarumitra. Sr. Ishpriya rushed home to Ramganj Mandi in Kota and presented to the school her dream of Organic farming.

Engineers of the Bihar Government promise to save electricity

bsrdc2The Engineering Staff of the Bihar State Road Development Corporation (BSRDC) along with the Chief Pratyay Amrit IAS spent a day at an Eco-sensitization program at Tarumitra Bio-reserve. The group arrived by ten in the morning and spent time on the issues of ecology till 4 PM. They were taken through two sets of PowerPoint presentations on an eco-friendly way of living life in the modern times. Bio-diversity as the pillar of life appealed to them especially when they took a tour of the campus.