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Ibero Green Campus

ibero green campusVia this project, the UIA in Mexico City commits itself to reduce its environmental footprint and help to improve community living conditions, also undertaking to make sustainability a factor in all the university’s teaching and research.

Green Computer Usage

LOGOBIG_400_174Scholars may disagree over how many laborers were needed to build Egypt’s pyramids. But no one?except those promoting alien theories?appears to argue that it required many people working together, one small step at a time. It seems to me that this approach is generally mirrored in many of the actions we take in the name of sustainability: It’s in the aggregate that the true value of the effort is revealed.

Furniture carpentry with Upper Pulangi youth in northern Mindanao, Philippines

2014_09_30_N&E_Photo2This Hulas Furniture Carpentry Course of Tuen hu Uyag is a four-week training course and is an institutional collaboration between the Environmental Science for Social Change (ESSC) and Pusat Pengembangan dan Pelatihan Industri Kayu (PIKA), a Jesuit vocational school for woodworking technology in Semarang, Indonesia.


essc_sustainabilityThe global importance of forests and fear of any further widespread conversion impacting on climate and biodiversity is acknowledged internationally and cannot be ignored or afforded by the Philippines. Sustainability carries multiple and varied assumptions and people feel that any further change is loss as the stability of the natural system implicitly defines sustainability. Yet contradictions occur in society. Large scale exploitation of resources is for many economically evident and a must, while indigenous people practicing swidden is unacceptable. For others, the reverse is arguable. Sustainability is the balancing of change so that resources can be accessed while ecological services sustained and must include social and cultural equity.