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University Social Responsibility: Construction of knowledge and training of professionals for a sustainable society

unisinosThe concept of a University Social Responsibility (USR) is being largely adopted by the Association of Universities Entrusted to the Society of Jesus in Latin America (AUSJAL) and was inspired by the contributions of François Vallayes.

It means “the capacity and effectiveness of the University in meeting the needs of transformation of the society in which it is inserted through the exercise of its essential functions. Teaching, research, extension and internal management These functions should be encouraged by search for the promotion of justice, solidarity and social equity, through the construction of well sucedidas to meet the challenges involved in promoting sustainable human development responses. “

Conference on Transformative Land and Water Governance

transformative_governancePrimarily, this year’s conference seeks to encourage exchange of knowledge and experience among participants on how they are learning, creating and accompanying different stakeholders to transform land and water governance. Knowledge from across the natural and social sciences is needed to develop a thorough understanding of our ecological challenges. These challenges include: Learning how to develop a comprehensive and integrated point of view, through linking academic disciplines, that enables us to transform our governance of land and water resources; Creating capacities that enable us to build safe and secure societies that are resilient to disaster risks; Accompanying the youth as they prepare to inherit the responsibility of building a sustainable future for our community and society.