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Environmental Commitment

loyola-university-new-orleans-pack-planet-recyclePack Planet is a Residential Life initiative that symbolizes our dedication to helping create a more sustainable future for Loyola University and the city of New Orleans. It is a commitment to reduce our environmental impact by emphasizing environmentally sustainable practices and policies.

Living on campus and in other community-style housing is a “greener” way to live, because the cost associated with day to day living (heating and A/C, etc.) is spread out over a large group of people, as opposed to just a few living in an apartment or a house. Living on campus also greatly reduces the need to drive.

A decent life for all

2538448-many-different-ethnic-bacground-working-together-around-the-world-vector-200x150It’s really something to praise the recent publication by the European Commission of the Communication entitled: “A decent life for all: ending poverty and giving the world a sustainable future“. The Commission is pointing in this publication to the major challenges of our time as expounded by Nicholas Stern, the renowned British economist and author of the most famous report on economics of climate change.

This Communication is intended to promote the discussion of this important topic between the other EU bodies and if successful, it could become a legislative piece or a defined policy. In this case the topic chosen cannot be more appropriate, urgent and important.

Conference on Transformative Land and Water Governance

transformative_governancePrimarily, this year’s conference seeks to encourage exchange of knowledge and experience among participants on how they are learning, creating and accompanying different stakeholders to transform land and water governance. Knowledge from across the natural and social sciences is needed to develop a thorough understanding of our ecological challenges. These challenges include: Learning how to develop a comprehensive and integrated point of view, through linking academic disciplines, that enables us to transform our governance of land and water resources; Creating capacities that enable us to build safe and secure societies that are resilient to disaster risks; Accompanying the youth as they prepare to inherit the responsibility of building a sustainable future for our community and society.

Thandiwe’s story – Stories of Hope

alojz-16-07-11-384Loyola Jesuit Secondary School is specifically designed to be co-educational because we Jesuits believe that gender-equity is essential for a sustainable future for Malawi.  More young women must be offered the opportunity for a good secondary school education if family life, health care and all-around development are to be possible. The story of “Thandiwe” is a fictional, but true to life account based on what a typical girl in Kasungu might experience.  This is a story that is repeated  across Malawi today.