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Agricultural Technical School Kamba Rembe promotes “Environment and Sustainable Development”

Alumnos-de-escuelas-agrícolas1-140x140With the motto: “All for a better environment“, the Agricultural Technical School Kamba Rembe Fe y Alegria, located in General Resquín (San Pedro), has organized a series of academic activities (workshops, lectures, debates) throughout the month May and June, seeking to raise awareness among authorities and the general public about the fundamental importance of preserving the environment and promoting sustainable development, that does not pollute or damage in any way the natural resources of the community.

Huertos biointensivos de traspatio “Bio-intensive backyard gardens”

CasoSocial_HuertosBThe Division of Research and Outreach (SIV), promotes the protection, preservation, enhancement and dissemination of indigenous culture; promotes the improvement of living standards of families and not Ayuujk. Ayuujk through alternative restoration and conservation of ecosystems, the integrated management of solid waste, agricultural and forest production, and marketing them under the focus of sustainable development.

Primary commemorates Food Day

With the donation of hundreds of food products, Elementary School P. Silvio González, SJ commemorated on October 16, World Food Day, the 2014 motto is: “Feed the world, protect the planet,” as a way to promote awareness of family farming and small farmers.

Primary P. Silvio González, SJ uses this context to raise awareness among students, through collaboration with non-perishable food donated them to try to meet the food needs of others.

According to the UN commemoration focused world attention on the important role of family farming in the eradication of hunger and poverty, achieving food security and improving nutrition, improving livelihoods, management of natural resources, protection of the environment and the achievement of sustainable development, particularly in rural areas.

Instituto Mayor Campesino

Nuestro enfoque(1)We are a 50 year old Non Govermental Organization (NGO) dedicated to promote the Sustainable Development of the department of Valle del Cauca, south west of Colombia; a program that privileges the agricultural workers and their families.

Under the alliance with different development organizations, IMCA contributes to the construction and consolidation of alternative ways of living with a sustainable approach, that benefits the most in need communities of the department, always looking towards a regional and a national scope. This approach of sustainable development looks for integral alternatives ways of living, which makes possible the pacific coexistence of the different cultures within its natural processes.

This is an articulated social work of the Society of Jesus.