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Student Initiatives

appalachiaThere are several student organizations that engage in activities related to sustainability at SJU and beyond. These include: GREENCOW (Get Ready for Environmental Education Now/Conserve Our Wildlife) which focuses on environmental issues

Real Food Boston

1375992590119Real Food BC is a student group on campus that strives for the establishment of a more sustainable food system.


1350671479631EcoPledge is a student-led organization that works toward making Boston College a more sustainable campus. EcoPledge educates the BC community about environmental issues by showing films, presenting lectures, and hosting annual celebratory events like Harvestfest and Earth Day.

Student Initiatives

1376060130825Students at Boston College have increased awareness of environmental issues, the impacts that climate change has on the environment as well as the responsibility that we have to address the growing threat these changes have on our planet and to our fellow human beings


1319212153069“Energy provision and conservation provide unique challenges and opportunities for university campuses. Boston College endeavors to successfully manage its energy consumption by focusing on ways to improve the efficiency of its existing buildings, and investigating ways in which new construction projects and major renovations can be designed with highly integrated building systems that provide appropriate monitorin and sophisticated controls.”

Energy Savings at BC

1373645355688-bulbEach year, Boston College takes greater steps towards sustainability and energy conservation. Past projects have reduced energy through more efficient forms of lighting and heating, as well as procuring Energy Star appliances.