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Jesuit Says Saving the Earth is the Society’s Next Frontier

jsurette1Jesuit Father John Surette has a dream for the Society of Jesus.  Responding to Father General Adolfo Nicolás’s call for Jesuits to explore the “frontiers, those geographical and spiritual places where others do not reach or find difficult to reach,” Fr. Surette looks to a frontier very close to home:  planet Earth.

Jesuit Discusses the Intertwined Relationship of Social Justice and Environmentalism

padre_patxi_sjWithin the Society of Jesus’ governmental structure, five areas of apostolic importance have been identified and given special attention. One of these apostolic sectors is Social Justice & Ecology, which is headed up by Jesuit Father Patxi Álvarez de los Mozos. Recently appointed to his role this year, Fr. Álvarez de los Mozos explains the intertwined nature of working for social justice with a connection to ecological issues during this video interview he recently conducted with National Jesuit News during his visit from his headquarters in Rome to the United States.

An Integrated Education of the Children of Migrant Workers and the Care of the Mother Earth

xavier-institute-vadodaraDuring my formative years in the Society of Jesus as a scholastic  and later on  as a priest of Gujarat Province, India, I have been reflecting how I could make my commitment meaningful keeping the ‘magis’,  ‘fire’ of a Jesuit. Finding meaning to my commitment and articulating it in my own way has been a long struggle. And I continued it never ceasing as a rebel Jesuit in reference to the larger trend in our province. So, it has been in this personal struggle and discernment, the education of the children of migrant workers and the care of mother earth emerged.