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Core Scholarly Activities

6af68514-4bc7-4e8a-bbd0-32c45e8b6c03The CEJS will bring together scholars from a variety of fields to advance scholarship and influence policy by examining the interface between natural systems and human activities such as water use, energy and food production, transportation, recreational activities, conservation of biodiversity, restoration ecology, animal welfare, educational attainment, and by examining a host of other features of the social and political landscape that influence the human valuation and use of Earth’s goods and eco-systems.

Planet or Profit? From the People’s Climate March to the Divestment Debate

Issue-2_Divestment_Jessie-Koon-2-1024x682On September 21, hundreds of thousands of marchers gathered in New York City demanding swift action to save an ailing planet. Meanwhile at SU, students continued to push for divestment. Can economists and environmentalists agree before it’s too late?

If anyone thought the divestment movement would weaken over the summer, guess again. It has proven to be the student movement that just won’t die. As the world’s climate continues to warm, the divestment campaign continues to heat up across the country. As the United Nations Climate Summit is underway, the world is assessing where it stands with Mother Nature.

Statement Regarding Divestment from Fossil Fuel Producing Companies

tumblr_inline_mwogtmSJXa1sooxpuRecognizing the Student Government of Seattle University’s (SGSU) 2012-13’s support of divestment and the 618 signature petition submitted by Students for Sustainable Action Club (SSA) last spring, SGSU 2013-14 offers the following statement on divestment of the University’s endowment from fossil fuel producing companies: As the representatives of the undergraduate student body of Seattle University, SGSU 2013-14 endorses the efforts of the SSA. Additionally, SGSU strongly advises a collaborative process involving students, faculty, staff, administration, and trustees to study the feasibility of and work towards University divestment.

Students Rally for Divestment from Fossil Fuels at Seattle University

SSA rally at LibraryIn July, 2012, author and activist Bill McKibben published an article in Rolling Stones magazine called “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math.” McKibben reminded readers that the countries of the world, through the United Nations, have agreed that we must limit human-induced warming of the planet to 2°C.