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Want to have fun, care for the planet and our communities, and win some awesome prizes? Register yourself or sign up with a team of up to 8 for the 3-week EcoChallenge, April 9-29! The event is open to SU students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

You will be challenged to make simple lifestyle changes, advocate for the issues that matter to you, and learn something new related to each week’s theme.

2016 Conference Just Sustainability: Hope for the Commons

Conference_Banner_NOwater-1130x309Be a part of the second biennial conference “Just Sustainability: Hope for the Commons” at Seattle University on August 7-9, 2016. Confronting the sustainability challenges before us calls for collaboration, exchange of ideas, and exploration of solutions by academics and practitioners across every discipline. “Just Sustainability” will provide that platform!

Just Sustainability: Hope for the Commons

Logo_JS2016The Seattle University Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability (CEJS) invites papers for its second biennial conference “Just Sustainability: Hope for the Commons” to be held in Seattle on August 7-9, 2016. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to connect with researchers, businesses, and communities that are bringing EJS issues to the fore of public discourse.

Earth and Society

IMG_2739Seattle University Learning  Communities are one of SU’s hidden treasures. All freshmen living in the dorms, as well as commuter students, are placed into communities centered on a variety of themes. Each community integrates course materials with fun activities that take learning outside the classroom.

Earth and Society is a new Learning Community. Dr. Wes Howard-Brook of the Theology and Religious Studies Department serves as its faculty director. “I wanted to make sure all students in whatever majors could recognize that their relationship with Earth, and with society, is relevant to whatever they’re studying.”

Food With Spirit: Urban agriculture meets service to others with new program launched by SU students and staff

FoodWithSpirit_group_500Through spring, summer and fall of 2104 SU students delivered 40 boxes of produce to feed the homeless at St. James Cathedral Kitchen. The students grew the food themselves. Right here in SU’s neighborhood.

Core Scholarly Activities

6af68514-4bc7-4e8a-bbd0-32c45e8b6c03The CEJS will bring together scholars from a variety of fields to advance scholarship and influence policy by examining the interface between natural systems and human activities such as water use, energy and food production, transportation, recreational activities, conservation of biodiversity, restoration ecology, animal welfare, educational attainment, and by examining a host of other features of the social and political landscape that influence the human valuation and use of Earth’s goods and eco-systems.