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Nyambe_MasialetZambia was the world’s third biggest copper producer during the 1960s. However, in 1975 a collapse in world copper prices left the Zambian economy severely affected.

SCIAF has worked with partners in Zambia since 1985 covering a range of projects. We currently work with four partners on the Scottish Government funded Kulima Programme implementing a sustainable: Caritas Livingstone; Kasisi Agriculture Training Centre (KATC); Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR); Caritas Mongu


Tome_AnaEthiopia is rich and diverse in cultural and religious history, being the oldest independent African country and one of the oldest in the world. SCIAF has supported local partners in Ethiopia since 1986. For the last five years SCIAF has worked collaboratively with its sister agencies CAFOD and Trocaire through a single Ethiopia office with a single programme, which works in four key areas: Helping people earn a sustainable living; HIV/AIDS responses; Developing an inclusive society; Responding to humanitarian disasters

Agakura in Burundi

Agakura_Young_PersonSCIAF project Agakura is driving sustainable agriculture forward with young people and small-scale farmers in Burundi The war in Burundi tore people’s lives apart. It created many orphans. Agakura was born out of the desire by Director Fr Deogratias to give these young people and farmers a future, by providing them with agriculture education and vital practical skills. These practical skills help this group to grow their own produce to feed themselves and earn valuable income for their families by selling at local markets.

Agakura provides training in sustainable agriculture, agro-forestry and animal husbandry. Organic approaches to farming are used and the farmers are taught vital skills in how to get the best out of their land in a sustainable way.

Water is Life

Water_Is_LifeLet your child go thirsty or give them dirty water – which would you choose?

Dirty water is silently killing people all over the world. By the time you finish reading this page another four children will have died because of diseases caught from filthy water.

El Salvador

Football_boyEl Salvador is the smallest country in Central America and the most crowded in the region. Civil war, devastating earthquakes and huge income inequalities have shaped El Salvador over the last three decades. Climate change has had a harsh impact in rural areas where floods, droughts and storms are always felt with greater severity.

SCIAF has worked in El Salvador for over 20 years on a range of projects including sustainable agriculture, empowering people with disabilities and recovery from natural disasters. We currently have three partners working with us on three projects: Jesuit Development Service (JDS); CESTA (Friends of the Earth El Salvador; COMUS