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Capacitacion en Produccion Agropecuaria para la Zona (Capaz)

capacitacio capazIn this regard, over the past two years, CAPAZ has run a training program for young people in rural areas surrounding Santa María Chiquimula. This program, administered by Jesuit priests, has three principal objectives. First, the program adds complementary nutrition for students; second, it teaches students how to efficiently manage farms and animal breeding. Third, the program imparts students with the skills to replicate sustainable farming practices in their local communities.

Fr Nacho: climate change, the environment and why it matters to your faith

fr-nacho-blog-pic1“For me, faith is everything. Faith in Christ gives meaning to my life and it is the foundation of all that I do – whether in my personal life or in my work in Santa Maria Chiquimula. The parish is home to some of the poorest and most marginalised in Guatemalan society. It is located in the highlands of Guatemala, about 6,600 feet high. There are plenty of mountains and forest, but the environment is suffering greatly. Deforestation is common place – where trees are cut down leaving vast, open areas of land susceptible to mud slides and a lack of water.

Granja Escuela Popol Ja, a Jesuit center for agroforestry training in Guatemala

2012_08_31_PP_Photo1_loopThe Granja Escuela Popol Ja (or Popol Ja Farm School) is part of the Jesuit parish La Natividad de la Virgen María in Santa Maria Chiquimula, Totonicapán in Guatemala.  The farm is located next to a Fe y Alegría school (Centro de Educación Integral Indigena Popol Ja) and is a place of education, training and experimentation designed to generate knowledge that can be replicated in home gardens and communities across the municipality.