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Campus Sustainability Day

about-events-csdCampus Sustainability Day is an annual event in October in which colleges and universities celebrate sustainability initiatives and projects on their campus. At SCU,  we showcase ways in which students, faculty, and staff can get involved on or off campus & support local vendors, businesses, and causes that are committed to environmental stewardship, education, and service.

Get Involved

8963628814_8aa3eb66fe_zThere are many ways to get involved in sustainability. From learning more about sustainable living, to developing policies to help the University reduce our carbon footprint, each of us has an important part to play! See below for suggestions based on your role at SCU.

Campus Recreation’s Ways to Conserve Energy

IMG_4286There are solar panels lining the roof of the Malley Center to cut down  on the amount of energy consumed. T

Campus Recreation’s Ways to Conserve Paper

savepapersavetrees_header1We now have new stickers on ALL of our paper towel dispensers. After  working with a SLURP class project in spring 2012 that prompted patrons  to use two pumps or eight to ten inches of paper towels, Campus  Recreation took SLURPS idea and developed these stickers. The next time  you are using paper towels remember they come from trees and only use  what you need.

Campus Recreation’s Ways to Limit Waste

graphic_zero_waste_m1During summer 2012 and 2013, Campus Recreation participated in a Waste Characterization in order to gain valuable information about how to limit the amount of waste Malley produces, and what some of the most popular forms of waste were. In order to reach the goal of going Zero Waste by 2020, characterizing our waste was invaluable.

Mission Sustainable Challenge

MSC-banner_700x130_LK_100113Engage in the spirituality of sustainability. Sign up now and participate in a daily action and reflection challenge throughout the month of October. Read, act, and contemplate on your own, or attend events and reflect with friends and other campus community members.