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Steps We’ve Taken

stpeter_sustainabilityCampus Initiatives:Saint Peter’s University has already taken many steps toward sustainability and has several initiatives in planning stages. Energy Management: Effective beginning January 1, 2010, the electricity purchased for all buildings on the Saint Peter’s University Jersey City campus will be 100 percent renewable “green” energy for a minimum of one year. Recycling our Resources: In addition to our energy conservation strategies, the University has implemented the use of a variety of recycled and “green” products on campus. Other Green Efforts: Past events for awareness and action include lectures on environmental issues, screenings of documentaries, community clean-up projects, and contests encouraging green action and awareness

Moving Forward

stpeter_sustainabilityThe movement toward a green community is just beginning, and much progress has already been made. Beginning January 1, 2010, the Office of Finance has locked in a one-year agreement with Con Edisons Solutions to receive 100% wind energy for all electrical needs on campus.  The wind power is certified by Green-e, the nation’s leading independent certification program for renewable energy.


stpeter_sustainability“Each green initiative on our campus diverts resources from unsustainable projects to renewable, cost effective ones. Beyond the savings and the environmental benefits, these initiatives also create learning opportunities and fulfill the Jesuit ideal to be stewards of God’s creation.” – President Eugene J. Cornacchia