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reflector_to_get_extream_heatWelcome to my Renewable Energy sharing which I plan to do in this blog.I will be sharing from my past 16 years of experience in this field.

Ecological and social concerns in Korea: Areas for active collaboration

2015_08_15_NE_Photo2Reflections and activities in Korea that incorporate ecological concerns are many and are areas for collaboration among the Jesuits and partners.  Because of the environmental and social context, the issues are often broader and integrate the social concerns and needs of society in general.

Today there is growing concern for youth welfare, their studies and their work that seek an ethos that must care for needs and broader personal growth, not simply performance and the economic development thrust.

Social Entrepreneurship and Global Warming

4669042517_5b61bbf64a_zThe latest alarm to sound about the global impact of climate change comes from Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project’s recently released interim report, which examines what it would take to keep increases in global mean surface temperature below 2°C this century. The verdict: it would require “a profound transformation of energy systems by mid-century,” without which unmitigated climate change poses “extreme risks to future human wellbeing.”

Omaha Renewable Energy Project

omaha_renewable_energyprojIn June 2010, with the assistance of funding from the US Department of Energy and the Omaha Public Power District, Creighton University is deploying a variety of solar and wind energy collection systems on the grounds of the main campus.  Altogether, these collectors are capable of generating approximately 120 kW of clean, renewable energy.

Renewable Energy

Microconcentrator-Array-on-Benson-Building-Santa-Clara-University-300x224University Operations is committed to reducing emissions wherever possible, generating our own renewable energy when financially feasible, zero emissions growth, and lastly, offsetting the remaining greenhouse gas emissions needed to achieve climate neutrality.