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Xavier College Year 9 students discover where our recycled materials go

On Tuesday 27 February, I was privileged enough to be part of the sustainability excursion to the ‘Rethink’ Education Centre’, located at the Recycling Material Recovery Facility in Bellfield. At ‘Rethink’, recycling is sent from a number of local councils and sorted into different materials that can be reprocessed and reused. We learnt about the resources we take from the earth to create packaging; oil is used to make plastic, bauxite for aluminium, iron ore for steel cans, sand for glass and trees for making paper and cardboard. We were given a tour of the facility. Everybody was waiting for this moment.

Boboto high school students win national poster competition on nature and environment

2016_04_30_P&P_Photo1Jean-Christian Ndoki, SJ

Benjamin Kataliko and Benjamin Kambale, students from Collège Boboto, a Jesuit high school in Kinshasa, DR Congo (DRC), won first place in a national poster contest on nature and the environment.  Under the supervision of a school professor, Mr Dénis Nzeza, they designed a poster on plastic waste that showed not only ways to recycle plastic waste, but also the need to change attitudes.

Waste Characterizations

IMG_7333-760x570Waste characterizations provide a great opportunity to learn first-(gloved)hand about the waste cycle and related issues on campus.

Our purpose is to characterize the waste that we are sending to the landfill to see where we need to improve or expand waste reduction, recycling, and composting programs. These characterizations will allow us to develop useful and interesting data on the waste stream that will help us reduce landfill waste from campus, with the goal of achieving Zero Waste*.

Activity Management of RSU in housing of students of the USAL

Train students who occupy homes of the USAL to perform a comprehensive management of the waste they produce in their housing environments, so that they can be recycled or disposed of in authorized places. Also generate environmental awareness in each one, so that it is part of their behavior. Generate environmental awareness, so that now students and through the internalization of environmental behavior, transfer and maintain over time and in their professional activities, an awareness linked to the sustainability of the environment.


WasteDiversionChartThere are hundreds of recycling locations on Xavier’s campus. Whether you’re in the buildings or walking outside, there is always a recycling can close by. Our goal is to match every trash can with a recycling can and we are well on our way to achieving this with over fifty recycling cans outdoors alone. Paper, bottle and can recycling bins are located in the hallways of every building, residence and academic.

Recycling at the residence halls

UDM_McNichols_main_campusUDM has begun a pilot recycling program in the residence hall buildings on McNichols Campus. Please use the recycling bins inside these buildings.  Please do not put materials directly into the outdoor dumpsters, unless the specific rules below are followed (most importantly, materials must be placed in separate clear plastic bags).  It is preferable that you use the recycling bins inside the buildings.