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WasteDiversionChartThere are hundreds of recycling locations on Xavier’s campus. Whether you’re in the buildings or walking outside, there is always a recycling can close by. Our goal is to match every trash can with a recycling can and we are well on our way to achieving this with over fifty recycling cans outdoors alone. Paper, bottle and can recycling bins are located in the hallways of every building, residence and academic.

Recycling at the residence halls

UDM_McNichols_main_campusUDM has begun a pilot recycling program in the residence hall buildings on McNichols Campus. Please use the recycling bins inside these buildings.  Please do not put materials directly into the outdoor dumpsters, unless the specific rules below are followed (most importantly, materials must be placed in separate clear plastic bags).  It is preferable that you use the recycling bins inside the buildings.

Working Group on Recycling

green-recycling-symbolAs stewards of the earth, it is the responsibility of every individual at Saint Joseph’s University to ensure and uphold the natural balance of the earth’s resources, while meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the quality of life for future generations. The Recycling Program’s mission is to engage the SJU community in this sustainability endeavor by increasing awareness and promoting a willingness to participate, both internally and externally, in conjunction with the University’s Mission of the pursuit of the greater good.


Exterior still life of an Environmental Technology found on campus.At LMU, recycling follows the philosophy of the university, and has allowed it to greatly help the urban eco-system while complementing the bottom-line. The Recycling Program is one of the few programs among educational institutions to heavily engage in the secondary processing of recovered materials.

Recyling Household Waste

creighton-university-logoWhat to do with household waste

This is a partial listing intended to help you determine the best way to get rid of your unwanted hazardous materials, including chemicals, computers and other electronics, prescription drugs, and more.  Special thanks to the members of the Creighton community who informed us of some of these locations.

Universal waste recycling

univer1The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declared several types of hazardous waste to be universal waste.  The rule is designed to reduce hazardous waste in the municipal solid waste (MSW) stream by making it easier for universal waste handlers like Creighton to collect these items and send them for recycling or proper disposal.