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Asia’s “green” Catholics

Chinese women carry their children while visiting a European-style houses in Hallstatt See, a replica of the Austrian town of Hallstatt, in Boluo coutny, Huizhou city, south China's Guangdong province Saturday, June 2, 2012. A group of Austrians whose scenic mountain village has been copied down to the statues by a Chinese developer attended Saturday's opening in China for the high-end residential project but were still miffed about how the company did it. The original is a centuries-old village of 900 people and a UNESCO heritage site that survives on tourism. The copycat is a housing estate that thrives on China's new rich. In a China famous for pirated products, the replica Hallstatt sets a new standard. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

Northern Thailand is to have a “green campus” soon. This completely eco-sustainable structure is being built by local Jesuits. In the Philippines, houses run by followers of Ignatius of Loyola have set in motion an environmentally friendly way of doing things, introducing new practices to prevent food waste, promoting recycling. In other Asian nations that form part of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific – from Korea, to China and from the Philippines to Malaysia, Myanmar and Australia – the themes and suggestions put forward in the Pope’s “Laudato Si’” encyclical, took off a while ago. Above all, through a widespread effort to raise awareness, in the form of the project  “Reconciliation with creation”, which aims to motivate clerics first of all  and then engage all local communities and people of goodwill by “preaching a good example”.

Working with Creation

pwg_broIn Asia Pacific when the typhoons come across the ocean, life is anything but passive. How we learn and what we learn in order to secure human life and sustainability of our environment is determining our future. Three years ago, Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific (JCAP) committed to seeking reconciliation with creation. Beginning with an environmental way of proceeding that stems from gratitude, we have sought to learn, network and engage with greater care for the world God created.

Reconciliation with Creation

reconciliattion_with_creationIn the Formula Instituti of 1550, St. Ignatius identifies the “reconciliation of the estranged” as a key mission for the Society of Jesus. GC35’s focus on reconciliation as the call to “right relationship with God, with fellow human beings and with creation” gives new impulse to this mission.

2015 Yearbook of the Society of Jesus

2015_jesuit yearbookThe 2015 Yearbook confronts the theme of ecology from a very particular point of view: the Society of Jesus’ growing awareness of this huge problem. The last General Congregation – the highest Jesuit legislative body – said much about it in 2008, affirming among things,“Care of the environment affects the quality of our relationships with God, with other human beings, and with creation itself. It touches the core of our faith in and love for God. . .. The drive to access and exploit sources of energy and other natural resources is very rapidly widening the damage to earth, air, water, and our whole environment, to the point that the future of our planet is threatened.