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Campus Sustentable – Ejes de trabajo

Encabezados_banner 3For the approach of the strategy, Rafael Landivar University adopts a systems approach to analyze the social and environmental reality of the Central Campus: state versus ideal situation, identifying a set of projects organized in three areas of action:

  • Environmental area: proper management of water, energy, atmosphere and green spaces.
  • Environmental and Social Relations area: management of solid and liquid waste.
  • Institutional Area: education, training, education, awareness landivariana for the whole community.

Little Concern for the Environment in EU-Central America Agreement

TA-smallThe Association Agreement between the EU and Central America could exacerbate sustainability problems in this Latin American region. The Association Agreement between Central America and the European Union (EU) will increase environmental and social pressures on the region, warn experts and activists. But some observers stress its potentially positive impacts.

“We can expect an increase in the activities of extractive industries,” which bring about “negative environmental and social repercussions,” said Juventino Gálvez, the director of the Institute of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment at Rafael Landívar University, a Jesuit university.