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More Xaverian bike

Thanks to the roads built for safe transit cycling in the commune 22, which are connected with the entire city, mobilizing Xaverian cycling has grown significantly. At the moment we have 145 parking spaces for bicycles and is planned to continue building more parking places, thanks to the growing number of Xaverian who choose to use these non-motorized vehicles.

Besides being very convenient for mobility, the use of bicycles is a way to protect the environment, this being a sustainable maintenance alternative that avoids generating more pollution to the city. Moreover, the bike is also a way to train and exercise, becoming a great way to improve our health.

World Recycling Day

The World Recycling Day is celebrated on May 17   with the objective of raising awareness in society about the importance of treating waste as it corresponds, not to contribute to climate change, and thus protect the environment.

In the area of ​​Natural Sciences we support the care of “NUESTRA CASA COMÚN”. For this we carry out a campaign to collect empty PET containers of 2 to 3 liters, these will be used to make a floating barrier in the Lake of Amatitlán and thus prevent the garbage from entering and continuing to contaminate it. Thanks to the collaboration of the students, we collected about 8,000 containers enough to produce about five hundred meters of biobarda.

USIC-INECAR Conducts Seminar-Workshop on Solid Waste Management

10654165_4552570428365_1821429057_n-300x198The University Social Involvement Council (USIC), through the Institute for Environmental Conservation and Research (INECAR) headed by Dr. Emelina G. Regis, had successfully finished the series of Seminar-Workshop on Solid Waste Management (Barangay Level) for the Ateneo de Naga University’s Partner Communities in Milaor, Magarao and Canaman last 22 August, 29 August, and 5 September 2014, respectively. The activity aims to draw capabilities, mobilize the partner communities, and provide full weight of Ateneo’s resources in the pursuit and advancement of actions and measures to conserve natural resources and protect the environment.