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CAFOD go to V-Fest 2015

cafod-v-fest-saturday-2-crop1It was a great weekend spent chatting to festival-goers about the campaign. Climate change is such a big topic at the moment so loads of people were up for signing the petition and hearing a little more (or trying to over the booming speakers at least). CAFOD’s focus is of course on how climate change affects people living in poverty, something that many people I spoke to had never really thought about- through no fault of their own, it’s a conversation that is still getting going- and is was fantastic to see people getting a new perspective on the issue.

Vatican Radio roundtable:Jesuit higher education reaches out to margins

RV7216_Articolo(Vatican Radio)  Can getting a higher education benefit entire communities and even countries ?  Jesuit Fr. Michael Garanzini, Secretary for higher education worldwide for the Society of Jesus, thinks so and he has the model for doing just that.  Fr. Garanzini, whose tenure as President of Loyola University in Chicago expires at the end of this month, assumed his role as Secretary for Jesuit higher education in September  2011 to coordinate and champion Jesuit higher-education issues around the world for the order.

Malaria and Unclean Water

regis_highschoolMalaria isn’t the only preventable killer in Ghana. Unclean water threatens the lives of many people, because of certain toxins and bacteria in the water. Many times, people are getting their water from streams and rivers, and they do not know that just upriver, another town is dumping human waste into it.  Although it is a fairly large problem, the answer is relatively simple.  Moringa trees are one possible solution to the contaminated water.