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More Xaverian bike

Thanks to the roads built for safe transit cycling in the commune 22, which are connected with the entire city, mobilizing Xaverian cycling has grown significantly. At the moment we have 145 parking spaces for bicycles and is planned to continue building more parking places, thanks to the growing number of Xaverian who choose to use these non-motorized vehicles.

Besides being very convenient for mobility, the use of bicycles is a way to protect the environment, this being a sustainable maintenance alternative that avoids generating more pollution to the city. Moreover, the bike is also a way to train and exercise, becoming a great way to improve our health.

Waterers on Campus

The objective of this project is to encourage the educational community Javeriana to take water from the aqueduct and avoid drinking bottled water since the final disposal of the same pollute the environment. This project is developed from the  Directorate of Physical Resources  aware that we must reduce the environmental impact reducing pollutant waste such as bottles.