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Eco Campus – ATMI Cikarang

IMG_1512The four-story building, with a total floor area of 3,672 m2, is the most energy-efficent climatized school building in Indonesia. The building incorporates thermally activated building structures (TABS), coupled with the thermal mass of the concrete will provide cooling with the mean of radition. Due to TABS cools the building highly efficient, the controlled airconditioning requires to supplies fresh air only with 2 exchanges per hour compared to 8 exchanges in conventional school buildings. The circulation perimeter buffer that raps around the building acts as shading elements and minimizes cooling loads which also enhances indoor comfort.

Sunvention Sunpulse Water

sunpuleATMI collaboration with Sunvention from Germany, developed the manufacture of water pumps with solar energy. ATMI has sent instructors to Lörrach, Germany to learn the technology of making this water pump. ATMI forward will produce this water pump to help farmers in the area who do not have access to electricity in order to keep their rice fields.

Earthquake Resistant Houses

quality-life_1Although the main task is to wrestle in industrial machinery, but the Academy of Mechanical Engineering Industry Surakarta is also developing products to improve the quality of human life. One of them is the house earthquake resistant up to 8.3 on the Richter scale. Efforts to develop a basic need of life quality, the Academy of Mechanical Engineering Industry (ATMI) developed three things, namely housing, water, and energy.

I – Cell

ATMI-surakarta1I-CELL ( Cell Innovation) Business and Technology Incubator prepared by ATMI Surakarta since 2006 and began to be tested ( pilot project ) in 2008 I-Cell is a project that aims to develop and test potential and new business ventures. In this project the talented young people are given the chance to shape their future become the main actors in the development of the industry. I-CELL is expected to produce technology experts and new entrepreneurs ( entrepreneurs ).