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Green Pillar: Spreading the Go Green Spirit to Kids

News_10062015141213_DSCF0172PKM-M is a student creativity program in which students are encouraged to make a project for a betterment of a certain society. Pillar Hijau (Green Pillar), one of the PKM-M groups at Sanata Dharma University held a go green activity involving kindergarten students with the theme “Care about Environment, Plant Green Trees. The group consists of dari Megarista Afriana Putri, Andika Ratna Intani Sudirman, Hosianna Yossi Agustina, and Puspa Raras Damasari accompanied by an advisor, Yohanes Dwiatmaka, M.Si.

Aiming to grow a sense of environmental care to kids, the activity was run for four months from February up to May 2015. The activity took place at Taman Kanak-Kanak Hamong Putra Yogyakarta.