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130 unemployed and have organic garden

m_huertos-desempleados130 orchards to unemployed. 130 people discovering a plot to plant, care for, watch plants grow and get vegetables for consumption. Just today, INEA began working with Valladolid unemployed who have joined this initiative of the City of Valladolid.

The Yoga of Ecology: A Day In The Life of the Green Wheeling Initiative

2013-07-22-kdcoverIn my previous “Yoga of Ecology” post, I shared the truly brilliant and compassionate work of the Green Wheeling Initiative (GWI), a grassroots ground-up local food movement in Wheeling, W. Va. The GWI is helping the diverse peoples of Wheeling to reclaim their backyards and the bounties in their backyards through community gardens, cultural workshops, grant programs, and campus ecology events, amongst much else.

Canadian Jesuit favors oxen over tractors in helping Zambian farmers

CNS-ZambiaFarm (1000x750)_0Nineteenth-century missionaries arrived in Africa with a Bible in one hand and a plough in the other. Jesuit Brother Paul Desmarais still has a Bible, but he’s given up on the plough. For 40 years, Desmarais has run the Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre in Zambia. But over the past 20 years he has rethought almost every aspect of conventional Western agriculture and how it’s applied in Africa. Ploughs, tractors, chemical fertilizers, commercial herbicides were once all part of Desmarais’ gospel of modern agriculture, but no more. The Canadian Jesuit now promotes organic, ecologically sustainable, no-till farming for small-scale farmers.

School Community in the rain shadow Ramganj Mandi, Rajasthan towards Organic Farming

Kota_Sr-Celine-FSMA-oversees-the-harvested-field-300x225Early this year when the Principal Sr. Ishpriya came back from the Tarumitra Bio-reserve in Patna, she brought along an intense desire to convert the two acre plot of the convent land into Organic agriculture. She saw the way students in Bihar led by Ms Margaret Molomoo were completing a successful change over into Organic Farming at Tarumitra. Sr. Ishpriya rushed home to Ramganj Mandi in Kota and presented to the school her dream of Organic farming.

It is harvesting and threshing time at Tarumitra!‏

MirchaiyaHarvestingTarumitra students have been  busy with the Organic Farming right from the Monsoon earlier this year. All the three varieties of rice they planted were reported to be on the verge of extinction. Students from KR High School, Bettiah under the leadership of Sadrey Alam collected the seeds of Mirchaiya and brought them as a gift to Tarumitra at the end of the last summer camp. Four Interns from A.N College helped out to plant the rice-seedlings following the SRI (System of Rice Intensification) way. An average of 250 grains per ear is considered a very good yield in the first year of the organic cultivation.

Ecological and Protection

ecological_protectionXIDAS aims to promote healthy living by creating healthy environment. The thematic areas of intervention are:1. Conserve natural resources;2. Practice and promote sustainable agriculture, especially organic farming;3. Promote sustainable harvesting of forest products, create awareness;4. Develop deteriorated watersheds;5. Pollution prevention by helping industries to safeguard environment;6. Facilitate government in municipal solid, e-waste and plastic  waste management;7. Bring green consumer behavior with environmental communication