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Green Movement Starts at the Center

photo-urban ecologyThe Urban Ecology Center is evidence of the ever-expanding green movement in Milwaukee and brings the community together through community gardens, summer camps for children, the rock wall, an animal room and public events.  The center, established in 1991 in an effort to improve the quality of the environment in the Milwaukee area, is a thriving community that raises awareness and encourages citizens to take direct action toward the environment.


LCM Service_rightGreenHouse is home to students who are passionate about the relationship between people and nature.  Students explore ways in which we can all use fewer natural resources and learn how to become agents of change for a more sustainable society.  Members of the Green LC engage in Loyola’s initiatives to develop a more sustainable campus, explore ways that the City of Chicago is making strides toward a more sustainable city, and experience much of the nature Chicago has to offer, such as the beautiful lake front, forest preserves, and countless farmers’ markets.

Krakow, Poland, March 31 – April 5, 2014

MS_Poland2“The last day of March our guest was Professor Michael J. Schuck from Loyola University in Chicago. He came to share the project Healing Earth, which is an online textbook on environmental issues, spirituality, and ethics. Healing Earth is trying to look at nature through the lens of Christianity, especially the thoughts of St . Ignatius of Loyola , founder of the Society of Jesus ( Jesuits ). Professor Schuck met with school officials and teachers and exchanged thoughts on how to approach global environmental problems from a scientific, spiritual, and ethical point of view.

LUREC Work Day

WD_axeRestoration workdays are held at LUREC every second Saturday.  We work to remove invasive plants that are degrading the woodland and wetland, and we also work to restore the growth of native plants.  Your work might include cutting shrubs and trees and bringing the wood to a bonfire or a wood chipper, pulling garlic mustard, collecting native seed on the prairie, sowing those seeds on cleared areas.

Center for the Study of Environmental Change

P1070612The Center for the Study of Environmental Change serves as a node for the coordination of educational, research and outreach activities related to the environmental effects of Earth’s changing climate. By supporting the study and understanding of these effects in the local and global environment, the Center will promote a more just and sustainable society, in keeping with the Jesuit mission of Le Moyne College.

Teaching & Research

section_teachingresearchProfessors throughout Georgetown incorporate environmentalism and sustainability into their course curricula and research. In addition, several academic programs such as the Science, Technology and International Affairs and the Center for the Environment regularly emphasize green issues in their ongoing scholarly work.