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Tree Planting

Tree_Planting_coverLately our students have been concerned about their environment. Therefore they took vigorous efforts into tree planting. On International Women’s Day (2013-03-08) the girls planted over 100 seedlings. During the past holidays more trees were added. The trend is going to continue. Soon we will be able to harvest fruits from our own orchard. The tree planting efforts benefit the students’ practical agriculture skills and contribute towards the sustainable provision of food at the school.

Spring is dug out and sealed as second source of water

Sudan_&_Uganda_Jan_Feb_2012_134The dry season has arrived in Acholiland,so temperatures have soared into the 30 degree centigrade range, skies are clear, the wind is strong and the sun burns down upon us. This normal weather pattern lasts until mid March when the clouds and rains return. With the return of past students and the arrival of a new class of freshmen, the demand for water has increased. The original bore hole, with a capacity of about two cubic meters of water per hour can no longer keep up with the demand for water by students and construction.

Eco ponds begin to mature

07_1Located in the headwaters of the Nile River, OCJC’s sewerage undergoes special treatment so that pollutants never reach the Nile. Several years ago the UNEP located in Nairobi, Kenya, published standards for protecting the headwaters of the Nile. Since the Unyama River, which borders OCJC, carries surface and spring water into the Nile, we work hard to meet these standards.

Two years ago, thanks to a generous grant from Jim O’Kane, Class of ’57, OCJC embarked upon an extensive sewerage treatment project. A 500 meter long sewer line carries foul water through septic tanks into an eco pond system designed to digest the sewerage, returning fresh water.