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Jesuits Denounce Violence in Nicaragua, Defend the Right to Peaceful Protest

In response to ongoing protests in Nicaragua and the senseless killing of a Jesuit high school student there, the Jesuits of Central America, the Conference of Provincials of Latin America and the Jesuits of Canada and the U.S. released statements calling for an end to violence in the country after several days of protests to proposed social security legislation.

Listening to the cry of the earth

dscn1811Rachel recently spoke to Tania Dalton, who works in the CAFOD Latin America team, about her experience of meeting communities who are living closely with the earth in Nicaragua.

When I visited Nicaragua in February with our partner John XXIII Institute, I met José and his sister, Marcelina.  They showed me the family field where in the 1980s they had worked as children from 6am until 5pm, walking 4 kilometres there and back each time. José and Marcelina described how they worked the land without a plough and what they grew. I saw the tree they used to sit under to rest and to make a cup of coffee, and the stump of the tree José had felled to build his house.  Their whole lives were defined by the land.

Estación Solar “Julio López de la Fuente S.J.”

estacion_solarWe are a research center, which a multidisciplinary, promotes scientific knowledge and technologies for measuring the solar and climatic variables, and promotes the use of renewable energy sources, particularly solar, in Nicaragua and the region, to contribute sustainable development.

We are the leading research center with social responsibility, to provide scientific data for measuring solar and climatic variables, with a fresh perspective, to provide relevant information to the change in climate, and promote the use of renewable energy sources, particularly solar .