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Transforming lifestyles for greater social and environmental action

2016.05.pulangi_people_and_forest_0Jesuits and colleagues in the Asia Pacific region are gathering in the Philippines next month to discuss and share how transformed lifestyles are moving a more meaningful and effective response to environmental and social concerns in their ministries.  The three-day environmental reflection workshop will be held at the Culture and Ecology Centre in Bendum, Bukidnon from June 6 to 10, and is organized by the Reconciliation with Creation programme of the Jesuit Conference Asia Pacific (JCAP).

Mining and Water Governance

409477_3181511737490_148813062_nWater is a critical issue among the people of South Cotabato. Many fear that the open pit mining will endanger important catchments that happen to fall within the final mining area. These catchments are known tributaries of rivers that flow into irrigation systems being used for agriculture by local communities. These issues, which people deem more significant in their lives, were unfortunately left out in the discourse. It was in this context that this study, which sought to probe more deeply into the nexus of mining and water, was undertaken.