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Marquette scientists find vines in tropical forest may significantly accelerate climate change

Lianas-in-PanamaThe three-year project by Marquette biologists found that the amount of carbon absorbed in a tropical forest in Panama decreased by 76 percent per year when the woody vines, called lianas, were present. The scientists said lianas could reduce storage of carbon by 35 percent in tropical forests over the next 50 years.

Tropical forests account for one-third of the carbon fixed by photosynthesis, acting as a major sink in the global carbon cycle.

Fair trade movement a good match for Marquette

fair-trade-logoThe fair trade movement looks to rectify wage inequity for developing nation farmers, teaching sustainable farming techniques and cutting out profit-oriented middlemen as much as possible. In the international market, coffee is the second most widely traded commodity in the world, yet is also an industry known for a highly impoverished developing nation labor force, with fluctuating prices and difficult economic conditions to make a significant living. Other commodities, such as cocoa, sugar and fresh fruit, are similarly subject to issues of wage inequity and destitute living conditions for farmers.

Clean Water: Marquette Looks to Successful Research Cluster to Help Move Innovation Forward

10-14_MarquetteWebOn September 19th, Marquette University inaugurated its twenty-fourth and first lay president, Dr. Michael R. Lovell. In the earliest days of his presidency, President Lovell has articulated that the University will build off of its strong pockets of applied research to become a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.

In keeping with its Catholic, Jesuit mission, the research clusters will focus on areas that have the potential to address global issues and segments of the world’s population most in need. One such area the area that the University will focus on is clean water.

Global Climate Change: Impacts on Lake Michigan The 23rd Annual Wisconsin Space Conference August 15-16, 2013

LakeMichMarquette University
Haggerty Engineering Building
1515 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI USA

Special interview: Foundations of Catholic ecology

schaefergraphic4_0We are fortunate that Dr. Jame Schaefer, Associate Professor of theology at Marquette University, has taken the time to help us with this topic. Dr. Schaefer is the author of Theological Foundations for Environmental Ethics: Reconstructing Patristic & Medieval Concepts and her work at Marquette focuses on the constructive relationship of theology, the natural sciences, and technology with special attention to religious foundations for ecological ethics.

Green Movement Starts at the Center

photo-urban ecologyThe Urban Ecology Center is evidence of the ever-expanding green movement in Milwaukee and brings the community together through community gardens, summer camps for children, the rock wall, an animal room and public events.  The center, established in 1991 in an effort to improve the quality of the environment in the Milwaukee area, is a thriving community that raises awareness and encourages citizens to take direct action toward the environment.