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Special interview: Foundations of Catholic ecology

schaefergraphic4_0We are fortunate that Dr. Jame Schaefer, Associate Professor of theology at Marquette University, has taken the time to help us with this topic. Dr. Schaefer is the author of Theological Foundations for Environmental Ethics: Reconstructing Patristic & Medieval Concepts and her work at Marquette focuses on the constructive relationship of theology, the natural sciences, and technology with special attention to religious foundations for ecological ethics.

Green Movement Starts at the Center

photo-urban ecologyThe Urban Ecology Center is evidence of the ever-expanding green movement in Milwaukee and brings the community together through community gardens, summer camps for children, the rock wall, an animal room and public events.  The center, established in 1991 in an effort to improve the quality of the environment in the Milwaukee area, is a thriving community that raises awareness and encourages citizens to take direct action toward the environment.

Urban ecology centered here

CenterIf you want to see fish, snapping turtles, frogs and snakes visit the Urban Ecology center off busy Oakland Avenue. Or if you would rather not see squirmy creatures go there anyway to see a huge variety of trees. How big of a variety? How about maple, ash, box elder? Want more? Sugar maple, silver maple, cherry trees. And more. Red and white oak, yellow-bud hickory, shagbark and hawthorn.

Get involved

mu_get_involvedJoin a student or community organization
Student groups at Marquette have been actively working to make our campus, community and city a better place for years. Many of these groups focus on social justice and community outreach.

Campus Initiatives: Water

WaterPageWater is used in all sorts of operations on campus.  Some of which include: day-to-day living in the residence halls, cooling campus buildings in warmer months (A/C), food preparation and sanitation in the dining halls, landscaping for campus beautification, and sanitation and drinking water in every building across campus.

Campus Initiatives: Recycling & Waste Reduction

MURecycles1Marquette has been recycling since the early 1990s, making it one of the earlier recycling programs on a university campus.  Beginning as a co-mingled recycling program, Marquette switched to single-stream recycling in 2009.