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Fr. Masawe visits MAJIS in Akol Jal, South Sudan

fr_masawe _visitDespite all the insecurity and night fighting between two different clans on both sides of our MAJIS compound in Akol Jal, we have recently enjoyed first crops – great joy! Two weeks ago, on Sunday 8 June, we had a visitor from Rome, (assistant to Fr. General) Fr. Fratern Masawe. He went with me to Akol Jal for Eucharist. People welcomed him with opened hearts. We had a good chat too. We are happy that, along with the local believers and the church community, on our farm many vegetables are growing too. Hopefully, the MAJIS PROJECT will bring sustainability and development of this area as well as peace so needed in this part of South Sudan. Thank you all for your prayers and support



MAJIS is an initiative of the Eastern Africa Province of Society of Jesus under the auspices of and in cooperation with the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek, South Sudan.
The mission of MAJIS is to set up an agricultural school and farm to provide food security and training in sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, animal husbandry and modern farming technology for the local population of Akol Jal and for individuals and groups from all areas of South Sudan.

First phase of building complete in agricultural school, Rumbek South Sudan

CowThe Multi-educational and Agricultural Jesuit Institute of South Sudan (MAJIS), funded by the Irish Jesuit Missions Office, has finished the first phase of building. A recent report discussed the project, and outlined what would happen during phase two. Realising the high need of knowledge transfer, vocational training and agricultural education as a response towards sustainable food security the Jesuits of East Africa are implementing a multi educational and agricultural institute (MAJIS) in Jiir County, Rumbek / Lake State. The Irish Jesuit Missions Office has funded this project, which will train the local people in sustainable and efficient agricultural practices.