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Landscape & Biodiversity

land_icon-1111x1093Loyola’s campus landscapes are award winning locations that connect to Chicago and the larger ecological region, providing the campus community with rich spiritual and ecological experiences.

Food Systems

food_icon-1109x1089What is local?  What is seasonal? The food served on campus – where is it sourced from?  Is it produced in ways that do not harm people, the soils, or water?  How are our eating behaviors impacting society in ways that impede a just society and do we contribute to environmental degradation?

Energy Use

EnergyBuild-100x98Loyola pushes the boundary of what a University can do with new buildings and its shrinking energy footprint. We aspire to be a “Net –Zero” energy campus through massive conservation efforts, renewable energy installations and living greenroofs.

Alternative Transportation

AltTrans-100x98Loyola University Chicago seeks to provide efficient, convenient, and safe transportation options for students, staff and visitors.

What Loyola is Doing

luc_campus_sustainabilitySustainability means many different things to different people. Loyola has broken down our behaviors, ideas and projects into these six main issue areas. Most of the projects and initiatives we have undertaken and have planned fall within one or more of these focus areas.

Krakow, Poland, March 31 – April 5, 2014

MS_Poland2“The last day of March our guest was Professor Michael J. Schuck from Loyola University in Chicago. He came to share the project Healing Earth, which is an online textbook on environmental issues, spirituality, and ethics. Healing Earth is trying to look at nature through the lens of Christianity, especially the thoughts of St . Ignatius of Loyola , founder of the Society of Jesus ( Jesuits ). Professor Schuck met with school officials and teachers and exchanged thoughts on how to approach global environmental problems from a scientific, spiritual, and ethical point of view.