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Retreat and Ecology Campus

Loyola-University-Chicago-Retreat-And-Ecology-CampusThe Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Campus (LUREC) is ideal for students looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some time connecting with nature. Located in suburban Woodstock, approximately 50 miles northeast of Chicago, the Retreat and Ecology Campus is the setting for several undergraduate student retreats, internships, and summer courses. Featuring a wide variety of habitats including ponds, wetlands, oak woods, and prairie, the campus offers a unique chance to experience and explore local biodiversity. The Retreat and Ecology Campus hosts on-site courses in ecology, environmental sciences, wetlands biology, restoration biology, and many other areas of ecological interest.

Green Events

luc_greeneventsA green event or meeting incorporates environmental considerations to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Green events are about increasing economic and environmental efficiency by minimizing the use of resources and reducing the amount of waste produced from event activities.


LCM Service_rightGreenHouse is home to students who are passionate about the relationship between people and nature.  Students explore ways in which we can all use fewer natural resources and learn how to become agents of change for a more sustainable society.  Members of the Green LC engage in Loyola’s initiatives to develop a more sustainable campus, explore ways that the City of Chicago is making strides toward a more sustainable city, and experience much of the nature Chicago has to offer, such as the beautiful lake front, forest preserves, and countless farmers’ markets.


campus icon-100x99Our physical infrastructure has an enormous impact on Loyola’s energy and carbon footprint. We take pride in the efficiency and conservation achieved on all of our campuses.

Water Conservation

water_icon-1106x1086Loyola is the leading university in Chicago on aquatic research, takes a stand on fair access to drinking water, and conserves the precious resource that is also known as “blue gold”.

Waste Diversion

waste_icon-1115x1095Loyola is rethinking how materials enter and leave campus and learning how to turn trash into a resource. Loyola also engages the community to keep resources out of landfills and promote wise resource use.