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Loyola Marymount University Receives Award for Sustainability Efforts from the City of Los Angeles

Loyola Marymount University (LMU) was honorded by the city of Los Angeles with the first-ever Platinum recycLA Star Award for its sustainability efforts, including the university’s on-campus recycling center.

recycLA is the new recycling and waste collection program for commercial and large apartment buildings throughout Los Angeles.

Environmental Sustainability: Grassroots approaches to Composting

greenlmu Tired of composing essays? Here’s your chance to decompose! Local experts and passionate student advocates will speak about composting on April 18th 1-3pm.

Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability Committee

Rasmussen, Joe - Misc Photos 2013 285-344x258In March of 2007 President Lawton created the Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Committee (E2SC), with the charge of identifying how we as a university could ideally care for our planet in our actions, while balancing real world complexities such as fiscal constraints and competing values. The committee comprises students, faculty and staff and meets regularly to discuss campus programs, events and initiatives related to sustainability.

Green Office Program

Campus_image1-621x414The LMU Green Office Program is designed to identify and recognize offices on campus that have implemented sustainable office programs which support daily operations and maintenance. The LMU Green Office Checklist is designed so that nearly all offices at LMU will have an equal chance of implementing programs and earning points.

Student Organizations

Eco Students bottles-183x276ECO Students (Environmentally Conscious and Organized) was founded in the Fall of 2006 to promote sustainability across the LMU campus and form strategic partnerships between students, faculty and staff to raise awareness about the threats posed by global warming and climate change. ASLMU, in keeping with the Jesuit and Marymount tradition, empowers the voice of the students and actively promotes a vibrant campus life. Driven by integrity, they devote themselves to being men and women for and with others.

LIONS Garden

garden sign copy-1-500x773The LIONS Garden displays a variety of sustainable technologies such as rainwater harvesting, The garden also features a recycling bin, a table, benches, and a sign kiosk made out of “cradle-to-cradle” recycling bins that are manufactured from 97% recycled plastic. These products are so green that they can be recycled again after the end of their usable lives.