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LOMBRICULTURE – Proyecto Ecologico

The pollution produced by cities is almost as old as the origin of them. According to various statistics, each Lima produces almost one kilogram of garbage per day. The Colegio de La Inmaculada produces almost a ton a month. Faithful to our desire to form ecological citizens and collaborate with the care of the environment, we decided to turn this problem into an opportunity through vermiculture.

Centro de Estudios sobre Minería y Sostenibilidad (CEMS) “Center for the Study of Mining and Sustainability”

Centro de Estudios sobre Minería y Sostenibilidad

In a country with significant untapped mineral reserves and mineral production accelerated in the last decade, the need for a center for advanced studies of mining is imminent ago. Pacific University recognizes this need and, through its Center for the Study of Mining and Sustainability (CEMS), is committed to generate relevant, adequate knowledge and high level, with an approach that maximizes the social benefit and growth sustainable economic.

Acción Sostenible “Sustainable Action”

Acción Sostenible

Acción Sostenible

Sustainable action is a nonprofit organization made up of college students committed to improving the state of our environment through the promotion of sustainable development.

They are seeking to raise awareness and encourage our community to take action to provide information and means necessary; as studies and projects to extend such behavior in their private and professional life.