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Strengths and weaknesses of Ignatian spirituality in the path towards ecological conversion

2015_10_31_Reflection_Photo1-1024x768José Ignacio García, SJ

Ecology has become a crucial topic of our time. The present model of economic development based on huge industrialization and the consequent consumerism has become the core of our social life. This model is sustained by other important elements such as technological innovation, the advertising industry, and financial activity. There is no doubt that we live moments of wellbeing unknown until now, and this good reaches a great number of people around the world.

A decent life for all

2538448-many-different-ethnic-bacground-working-together-around-the-world-vector-200x150It’s really something to praise the recent publication by the European Commission of the Communication entitled: “A decent life for all: ending poverty and giving the world a sustainable future“. The Commission is pointing in this publication to the major challenges of our time as expounded by Nicholas Stern, the renowned British economist and author of the most famous report on economics of climate change.

This Communication is intended to promote the discussion of this important topic between the other EU bodies and if successful, it could become a legislative piece or a defined policy. In this case the topic chosen cannot be more appropriate, urgent and important.

Towards COP21: impacts of climate change

sequia-2The next UN Conference on Climate Change, COP 21, will open in Paris on 30 November 2015. A lot is expected of this Conference as it is the decisive moment to renew the Kyoto Protocol providing the international community with an effective mechanism to deal with greenhouse emissions at a global level. Although expectations are very high, there is a growing scepticism on the ability of the Conference to deliver. Since Copenhagen, the UNCCC has not shown the capacity to reach concrete and effective agreements. This time the urgency to renew the Kyoto Protocol can exert a positive influence in order to achieve ambitious results.

GIAN-Ecology in Stockholm, Sweden

www_stockholm-277x300When the core group of GIAN-Ecology met in Chicago in November 2012 and discussed its strategy for the next two years, we considered several issues where our efforts will likely concentrate. Finally after intense and very interesting discussions, we decided that the theme of water, or even better, Water for All, will be the focus of our joint activity over the next two or three years.