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Reconciliation with Creation

reconciliattion_with_creationIn the Formula Instituti of 1550, St. Ignatius identifies the “reconciliation of the estranged” as a key mission for the Society of Jesus. GC35’s focus on reconciliation as the call to “right relationship with God, with fellow human beings and with creation” gives new impulse to this mission.

The Society of Jesus and Ecology

jesuits&ecologyThere is an increasing ecological sensitivity in human communities throughout the world. Our conscience pains us as we behold the mounting evidence of environmental devastation: contamination of air and soil, accumulation of toxic residues, cataclysmic natural disasters, extinction of species, and extreme climatic phenomena such as floods, hurricanes, and droughts. We realize now more than ever that our destiny is united to the life of the planet but the Earth itself is in danger of being destroyed by human actions.