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Fr. Masawe visits MAJIS in Akol Jal, South Sudan

fr_masawe _visitDespite all the insecurity and night fighting between two different clans on both sides of our MAJIS compound in Akol Jal, we have recently enjoyed first crops – great joy! Two weeks ago, on Sunday 8 June, we had a visitor from Rome, (assistant to Fr. General) Fr. Fratern Masawe. He went with me to Akol Jal for Eucharist. People welcomed him with opened hearts. We had a good chat too. We are happy that, along with the local believers and the church community, on our farm many vegetables are growing too. Hopefully, the MAJIS PROJECT will bring sustainability and development of this area as well as peace so needed in this part of South Sudan. Thank you all for your prayers and support

’There is no substitute for agriculture until…we have learned to eat and digest plastic’ Hakimani Conference begins

DSC_4869Some of the issues discussed include impacts of climate change, land tenure, property rights and food security. In his opening remarks, Rev. Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator, Provincial, Jesuits Eastern Africa, emphasized on the value of research and its ability to correlate climate change and food security by drawing on wide ranging grassroots and empirical investigation. He added that by establishing such a link, the research demonstrates that climate change is real and its impact directly threatens the survival and sustainability of our means and sources of sustenance and livelihood. He encouraged all socio-economic stakeholders to create sectoral, national, regional and global partnerships aimed at devising effective plans and strategies that counteract the drought.


DSC_00581-1024x678Education is the most effective weapon in the fight against poverty, ignorance, disease and social vices plaguing the African continent. In East African countries, education in all its forms constitutes a pressing need. For this reason, the Jesuits of Eastern African Province have made a significant commitment to education in Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, albeit still a fraction of what it needs to be. We desire to establish more Jesuit educational institutions in the countries of AOR, while strengthening and expanding what already exists, and developing initiatives that generate transformation from the grassroots.