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Fr. Patxi Alvarez SJ visits Jesuit Social Action Teams in East India

patxi-visit-assamFr. Patxi Alvarez SJ, Secretary, Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat, Rome, was in India for a fortnight and visited a number of Jesuit missions especially in East India. His presence at Tarumitra for the meeting of Jesuit Province Social Action Coordinators did enrich the deliberations and energized the Jesuits to explore and engage in new and effective methods of social action.

An Integrated Education of the Children of Migrant Workers and the Care of the Mother Earth

xavier-institute-vadodaraDuring my formative years in the Society of Jesus as a scholastic  and later on  as a priest of Gujarat Province, India, I have been reflecting how I could make my commitment meaningful keeping the ‘magis’,  ‘fire’ of a Jesuit. Finding meaning to my commitment and articulating it in my own way has been a long struggle. And I continued it never ceasing as a rebel Jesuit in reference to the larger trend in our province. So, it has been in this personal struggle and discernment, the education of the children of migrant workers and the care of mother earth emerged. 

Strengthening the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network (GIAN) considered

gianGlobal Ignatian Advocacy Network (GIAN) has been around since GC 35.  A lot of work has happened since then and five networks have been formed: Right to education, Peace & Human rights, Governance of Natural and Mineral Resources (GNMR), Ecology and Migration.  These groups have met several times.  Many Jesuits from South Asia are co-opted as members in these core groups.  However, the core group members were at a loss because there was not much awareness about what GIAN is all about and who is to coordinate and how to coordinate these activities.