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Adivasis to fight/kill Adivasis

aadi-2The newspaper report “Tribals to be trained in guerrilla warfare to fight Maoists in state” that appeared on the Hindustan Times, Ranchi edition, 30 June 2014, is significant in that it spells out government’s plan: two special battalions comprising of youths from the primitive tribal groups in the state will be recruited and trained in advanced guerrilla warfare to fight the Maoists in the forests; they will help the security forces in anti-insurgency operations. The reason for choosing these primitive tribal youths is that they are born and brought up in forest areas and are well aware of the surroundings and have the capability to survive in odd situations.

An open letter to Prashant Bhushan: Where are the Indigenous Adivasi peoples in the illegal mining imbroglio?

adv-prashant-bhushanMay I bring before you and all concerned the fact that the Indigenous Adivasi People figure no where in the whole discourse on illegal mining – a discourse presently going on in the Supreme Court of India. It is common knowledge that most of mining, both legal and illegal, has taken place  in Adivasi land, especially in the mineral-rich Adivasi /Tribal dominant central India.

International Indigenous Peoples Day: A Day of Rights

indigenous-day-2014-2On 9 August, 2014, International Indigenous Peoples Day was celebrated as a day of rights, at Pathalgaon with the objective of educating the people about their rights and their responsibility to reclaim them. In the morning the celebration took place at RVT Kerakachhar, with the trainees as well as the students of Gorrapara Middle School participating in it. The celebration commenced with lighting of lamps.

Jesuit Social Research Institute in Mumbai calls for disaster preparedness and Climate change

bomdisaster“If a disaster like the Japan Tsunami is round the corner how can the Mumbaites come to know? What are the types of natural and man-made disasters that we are most prone to? What can individuals, civil society organizations, CBOs, NGOs and governments do in the event of such mega disasters?” were some of the questions raised during a 2-day workshop on “Disaster Management” jointly organized by Xavier Institute of Social Research (XISR) and Centre for Social Action (CSA), Mumbai from July 2-3 at XISR, Mumbai.