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Church wants better land policy for smallholder farmers

_DSC0783These is need for policy interventions beyond what the government is currently doing, The Catholic Church in Uganda has said. Speaking during the official opening of a national conference on “Access to land, Usage and Food Security: Securing livelihoods of smallholder farmers” held in Kampala in April 2015, the Secretary General of Uganda Episcopal Conference (UEC), Msgr. Dr. John Baptist Kauta, pointed out that cases of land conflicts and disputes are on the rise; adding that there are recurring cases of families and communities being evicted from registered lands across many districts in Uganda. “Land conflict mitigation machinery, particularly the judiciary, the police, the land boards, land committees are overwhelmed by increasing number of cases, their varying nature and complexities,” said Msgr Kauta.

A Catholic Bishop urges government to prioritize agriculture

IMG_0944The government of Tanzania has been urged to prioritize agriculture as a sector to eradicate high incidences of poverty among rural households. Speaking during a regional forum organized by Jesuit Hakimani Centre and Radio Kwizera to discuss the findings of a national research that investigated the impact of Tanzania’s transition from Ujamaa to open market economy on small scale traders and farmers.