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University’s Jesuit Community Center Overhauls Ecological Architecture

Jesuit-Community-Center-Exterior-The Jesuit faith is based on a passionate commitment to simplicity, spirituality and intellectualism. With those principles in mind, the architects at Gray Organschi Architecture took extra care when constructing the Jesuit Community Center at Fairfield University. Nestled on a quaint hillside, and captured in photographs Robert Benson Photography, the space offers staff and students a relaxing retreat from the unyielding pace of campus life. In an effort to share their values with the community as a whole, the Jesuit’s ensured that the space makes an impressive commitment to minimizing energy consumption.

Fairfield Jesuit Community Center, a place for Jesuits engaged in varied apostolates at Fairfield University and Fairfield Prep, opens

10155435_230593247136253_4408860515865636967_nIn 2009, Fairfield completed construction on an environmentally friendly home for the Jesuit community and a gathering place for spiritual direction, retreats, meetings and entertaining. The Jesuit Community Center boasts many energy-saving features, including a sod roof, with grass over the main portion of the house, that filters storm water, reduces heat loss, and keeps the building cool in the summer. The large windows in the house direct sunlight onto the dark concrete floors, using solar energy to radiate warmth through the interior. In addition, many recycled materials were used for the building’s surfaces. Interior and exterior walls are also well insulated, saving energy, but also preserving a quiet atmosphere appropriate for contemplation.