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What Is The Impact of GMOs on Sustainable Agriculture in Zambia?

mindfully logoThe challenge of balancing short term food problems with long term agricultural problems is an urgent concern for Zambia today. Following an unanticipated drought situation, a situation proceeded the year earlier by too much rain and damaging flood conditions, there is a drastic shortfall in our basic food commodity, maize. As a consequence, an estimated two million Zambians are at risk of famine.

Promising Practices

Minolta DSCPromising Practices brings together the collective knowledge of SCIAF Programme Officer Stephen Martin and the four Zambian organisations that partnered with SCIAF to deliver the Promotion of Rural Food Security Programme (PRFSP) to look at the successes and lessons which came out of the programme

The experience, dedication and commitment of Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre, Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection, Caritas Livingstone and Caritas Mongu, supported by Catholic Relief Services have laid the foundations for making the PRFSP a success.